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Meeting Planners: Why Will Sam Horn Make Your Conference a Resounding Success?

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Many thanks to Wayne

Hurlbert of Blog Business

World for his wonderful review

of Tongue Fu!®

It made me day to read his thoughtful summary of its 

intent and content.


If you like quality books that

offer "use-it-today" insights, check out Wayne's site and

read it and reap.

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Blogs in business, marketing, public relations, and search engine optimization for

successful entrepreneurs



Take the Bully by the Horn's

Audio Learning System


* 7-Tips-to-Stop-Teasing
* Are-You-a-People-Pleaser
* Bullies-At-School
* Bully-30-Day-Action-Plan Booklet
* Choose-Your-Battles--21-Bully-Questions
* The-Secret-To-Saying-No
* Sam Horn'-Bully MP3-Over one hr of
stop Bullies in their tracks information   Buy Now

 Are you ready to stop this person robbing you of your dreams, peace of mind, health, and sanity? Are you ready to once again wake up in the morning and look forward to the day? Are you ready to take steps to reclaim your quality of life? Are you ready to stop the hurt and look for a relationship or job where you are appreciated and respected?

Are you dealing with someone who is making your life miserable?

Sam Horns Take the Bully by the Horn's Audio Learning System is for you, don't let another day go by with out acting.  Buy Now


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TONGUE FU!® by Sam Horn has helped many organizations train employees dealing with rude customers and uncooperative co-workers. Read the rest of the story about how TONGUE FU!® got started . . . Click Here or Purchase Tongue Fu!® Products Click Here

 If you'd like to become CERTIFIED in TONGUE FU!® . .Click Here.  Catapult your impact and income by offering this trademarked communication methodology that Executive Book Summaries said is a “gold mine for anyone who works with the public; it’s added to the legacy of ideas on dealing with people left by Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Dale Carnegie."

If you want to know when I'll be presenting a PUBLIC SEMINAR in your area, . . Click Here Review my calendar

to see when I’ll be in your area.  Perhaps we can coordinate a seminar for your organization while I'm in town.  

If you'd like my BIO with my credentials and the background of my business. . Click Here Shakespeare said, "Be wealthy in your friends."  I am indeed wealthy and

fortunate to have the privilege

of working with people I respect, enjoy,

and trust.

In addition to explaining what TONGUE FU!® is and how it might benefit you, I've also filled this site with some of my favorite quotes and insightful

tips that can help you improve your ability to, as Jack Canfield said, “get along with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

 As always, my goal as a communication consultant is to provide innovative ideas you can use immediately at work, at home, and in your community to reap real word results.






Would you like to know how to:

* Persuade other people to stop, listen, and see your point of view?

  • Keep from saying something you regret?
  • Quickly resolve complaints, misunderstandings and arguments?
  • Motivate people to treat you with the respect you want, need, and deserve?
  • Respond to people who are teasing you or using off-color humor?
  • Keep your emotions under control - even when other's aren't?
  • Hold people accountable for unacceptable behavior?
  • Prevent people from fault-finding and finger-pointing?
  • Use words that establish rapport and trust?
  • Not let rude people ruin your day  (life!)

If so, you’re in the right place.
Tongue Fu!®  shows you how to, as Jack Canfield says, “get along better with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

Isn’t it ironic?  We’re taught math, science, and history in school – we’re not taught what to say when people won’t listen to reason; someone blames us for something that’s not our fault; we have to deliver bad news; someone’s taking their anger out on us.   We’re not taught how to keep people from becoming upset in the first place.

In these stressful times, it’s more important than ever to learn how to think before we speak.  It’s more important than ever to learn how to model gracious communication so people are motivated to respond in kind.

Tongue Fu!®  doesn’t waste your valuable time on ivory tower theories or platitudes.

Whether it’s having to explain to a customer why you can’t meet a deadline; informing employees they’re not getting a promised promotion or raise; or having to make dreaded lay-offs; you’ll learn exactly what to say so people are less likely to “kill the messenger.”

One of the reasons Sam Horn’s Tongue Fu!® book has been sold around the world (in countries including China, Japan, Germany, Turkey, England, etc.) and been featured in dozens of major publications (Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, Chicago Tribune, Readers Digest, etc.)  is that it offers real-life responses to real-life situations.

If you’re ready to learn how to communicate more diplomatically; if you’d like your employees and association members to know how to treat customers with courtesy so they want to come back; if you’d like to know how to build better relationships with co-workers, clients and kids . . . do yourself a favor and hire Sam Horn to speak for your organization and purchase her Tongue Fu!® books and CD’s for yourself and your team.

You’ll appreciate Tongue Fu!’s®  “I can use that today” insights that  showcase what to say – when you don’t know what to say.

You’ll discover why Executive Book Summaries said, Tongue Fu!® is “a goldmine for anyone who deals with the public; it adds to the legacy of ideas on dealing with people left by Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Dale Carnegie,” and why Sam Horn’s Tongue Fu!®  presentations receive raves from NASA, Booz-Allen, Department of Education, the IRS, Association of School Superintendents, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, KPMG, Genentech, Capital One and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Want to hear Sam in action?
This live Tongue Fu!® presentation below
received raves from an international audience.

If you would like FREE articles you can feature in your newsletter, blog, website, or ezine, . . .   Click Here. These tips cover everything from how to respond when someone accuses you of something that's not your fault -- to how to instantly end arguments.

If you would like to read current feed back from program participants, meeting planners, and book/CD buyers describing how they've benefited from TONGUE FU!®  . . . Click Here.

CONTACT US directly.  Do you have questions not answered in this website?  Feel free to call us at 805 528-4351 or . . . Click Here to email us. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to have an opportunity to work with you soon.  Until then, best wishes.  We hope you find this site beneficial.


Sam Horns site will provide you with the tool's and support to separate yourself from these abusive personalities once and for all.


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Sam Horn The Intrigue Expert,

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I can't tell you how much we appreciated your Tongue Fu!® program.  Three of us traveled together to the meeting and talked of nothing else on the way back home!” -Tina Huneycutt, Lockheed Martin

Don Cameron, Executive Director, National Education Association, 1983-2001 writes:

"Tongue Fu!® at school   is about resolving conflict by knowing precisely what to say and do.  In this valuable book, Sam Horn provides a specific road map for cooperation and conflict resolution." Click Here  for program description.

Jeffrey J. Fox, author of How to Become a Great Boss writes:

Everyone has a bully in his life or will have one. Horn’s terrific book (Take the Bully by the Horns) shows you how to deal.” Click Here  for program description.

If you're a MEETING PLANNER, business owner, or program coordinator who is interested in scheduling me for an upcoming convention or presentation . Click Here  Find out why Fortune 500 Forum, Hewlett-Packard, National Governors Association, and NASA have all asked me to speak to their groups.

If you're interested in my CD Series and books on TONGUE FU!®. . Click Here Discover why such best-selling authors as John Gray, Susan Jeffers, Anthony Robbins, and Jack Canfield have given this topic such enthusiastic testimonials. Click Here.

If you're interested in my CD Series and books on TONGUE FU!®. . Click Here  Discover why such best-selling authors as John Gray, Susan Jeffers, Anthony Robbins, and Jack Canfield have given this topic such enthusiastic testimonials. Click Here.

S1 Success in the City with Sam Horn


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