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Are you dealing with someone who delights in making your life difficult? Do you have to “talk on eggshells” around this person because you never know what might trigger a tirade?  Do you have a co-worker who cuts you down to size and then claims he or she was “just kidding?”  Are you happier when you’re NOT around this person?

Bullies want what they want when they want it - and they don't care who they have to hurt to get it.  Sound familiar?  Bullies don't want a win-win.  They want to win.  They don't want to cooperate; they want to control.

The good news is, you can stand up to bullies without jeopardizing your job, your integrity, your health, or your sanity.

Learn how to:

  • Stop mean-spirited teasing or gossiping
  • Develop "No" power so you don't cave under pressure and agree to things you don't want to do
  • Put up a "brave front" and adopt a "Don't you dare" attitude so bullies leave you alone
  • Protect yourself from charming-one-minute, cruel-the-next Jekyll-Hyde types
  • Hold verbal abusers accountable for unacceptable behavior
  • Establish and enforce personal boundaries so people don't take advantage of your good nature
  • "Fire" customers who repeatedly violate your policies and procedures
  • Develop clarity about your rights so you have the courage to NOT let people mistreat you

Sam dares to tell the truth.  The nicer we are to bullies, the meaner they'll be to us. Thankfully, there are constructive alternatives to giving in, going along, and suffering in silence. This one-of-a-kind seminar teaches you, as Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called It said in his cover endorsement of Take The Bully By The Horns, "to avoid negative confrontations and face those who intimidate and manipulate you - without sacrificing your integrity."

Does Your Child's School Have an Anti-Violence Program?  Are you a Principal, Teacher, or Counselor Who Would Like to Teach Students How to Deal with Bullies?  Contact us to find out about our special Banish Bullies in Our Schools programs.

Contact Sam Horn at Action Seminars at (805) 528-4351;
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