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  Tongue Fu!® at School  

 Tongue Fu!® at School

30 Ways to Get Along Better with Teachers, Students, Principals, and Parents

Isn't it ironic?  In school we learn math, science, and history; however we don't learn what to say when someone's blaming us for something that's not our fault, calling us a name, going through a tough time, not listening to reason, or behaving inappropriately.

As a result, we either don't say anything at all or we say the first thing that comes to mind, which often makes maters worse.  Communication is too important to be left to chance.

This program doesn't waste time on platitudes that don't work in the real world.  You'll learn real-life ways to communicate that have the power to prevent conflicts and produce cooperation.

You'll learn how to diplomatically handle challenges you face every day in the classroom, halls, faculty meetings, front office, around the campus, on the bus, and at extracurricular activities and events including how to:

 Persuade nonstop talkers to stop, listen, and see your point of view 

 Keep from saying something you regret (Tongue Glue!) 

 Use the AAA Train to clear up complaints 

 Handle hassles with humor vs. harsh words (Fun Fu!) 

 Coach poor performance so students learn (vs. lose face) and are motivated to self-correct 

 Use words that turn resentment into rapport 

 Keep anger and emotions under control so you keep a positive perspective 

 Resolve disagreements by focusing on solutions, not fault 

 Think on your feet instead of thinking of the perfect response . . .  on the way home 

 Diplomatically say "No" without jeopardizing your friendships (or job) 

 Create quality relationships through compassionate, respectful communication 

 Continue to be the kind of person you want to be - even when others aren't 

Find out for yourself why the Executive Director of the National Education Association (1983-2001) Don Cameron said, "This book is not only long overdue, it is vitally important."

The Library Journal gave Sam's "Tongue Fu! at School" book the following review:

"Of all the people quoted throughout this intelligent sequel to Tongue Fu!, Laurence J. Peters of Peter Principle fame perhaps best expresses Horn's philosophy of communication: "Tact is the art of putting your foot down without stepping on anyone's toes." Cooperation, in a sense, is a trickier subject than the three Rs, so it should be taught in school, argues Horn. Here, the veteran consultant and seminar developer applies her trademarked process for cultivating good working relationships to anyone who spends time in a school setting (including students). Brief, easy-to-digest chapters cover communication and language (including "Words To Use" and "Words To Lose"), the creation of a "climate of cooperation," and conflict-resolution skills as they apply in school.  . . .  this work should find an appreciative audience among teachers and administrators. For most education and communication skills collections.-Kay Hogan Smith, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information."

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