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Take the Bully by the Horn's Audio Learning System  

Are you ready to stop letting this person rob you of your dreams, peace of mind, health, and sanity? Are you ready to once again wake up in the morning and look forward to the day? Are you ready to take steps to reclaim your quality of life? Are you ready to stop the hurt and look for a relationship or job where you are appreciated and respected?  Believe it this is the real deal.


  “Are you dealing with someone who is making your life miserable?"


 If you answered yes to the above, then Sam Horn’s Take the Bully by the Horn's Audio Learning System will teach you how to break the vicious cycle.


Take the Bully by the Horn's Audio Learning System includes:

 * 7-Tips-to-Stop-Teasing

 * Are-You-a-People-Pleaser

 * Bullies-At-School

 * Bully-30-Day-Action-Plan Booklet

 * Choose-Your-Battles--21-Bully-Questions

 * The-Secret-To-Saying-No

 * Sam Horn'-Bully MP3-Over one hour of stop Bullies in their tracks information.


If you can, or know someone that can benefit from this amazing easy to apply to real life situations, verbal self defense audio learning system this is your opportunity to act now. It took years for Sam to create this effective system. Use it as is gift or a subtle intervention, a message of concern.  If it is you that have been spoken to with disrespect, disdain, rudeness and abuse, Use covertly until you are ready to be appreciated and respected. With Sam's System You will build the vocabulary and the techniques to become an expert in verbal self defense and more.   

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 POP! Stand Out in any Crowd (Perigee, 256 pages)  $22.95
  Already hailed as one of the best business books of the year by such respected business minds as Ken Blanchard, Jeffrey Gitomer and who proclaimed, “A third of the way through this book you’ll be begging to hire Sam Horn as your consultant.” POP! offers 25 specific techniques for creating one-of-a-kind titles, taglines and slogans that will make your company, cause or creation break out instead of blend in.

Tongue Fu!®  $13.95  Tongue Fu!® (St. Martin’s Press, 231 pages)    $13.95
 According to John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, “This is a GREAT book! Tongue Fu!® puts a new twist on communication. Everyone should read it!” Known as “martial arts for the mouth,” Tongue Fu!® is perfect for customer service representatives, parents, business owners, couples and anyone else who wants to learn how to deal with difficult people (without becoming one themselves).



What's Holding You Back? $14.95  What’s Holding You Back? (St. Martin’s Press, 335 pages)  $14.95
 Are you where you wanted to be at this point of your life? This book offers a thirty day plan to help you gain the courage and confidence to go where you want, when you want and meet whom you want. Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People describes What’s Holding You Back? as, “A fountain of wisdom. Page after page of good, solid advice."



Take the Bully by the Horns $13.95  Take the Bully by the Horns (St. Martin’s Press, 299 pages)  $13.95  ADDITIONAL BOOK DETAILS
 Bullies come in all shapes and sizes – from schoolyard kids to hyper-critical bosses to controlling spouses. Are you dealing with someone who is making your life miserable? Take the Bully by the Horns offers “terrific suggestions on exactly what to do next time someone tries to take advantage of you,” according to Leil Lowndes, author of How to Be a People Magnet. It is a great gift for anyone who wants to be treated with the respect they want, need and deserve.



ConZentrate $14.95  ConZentrate (St. Martin’s Press, 351 pages)  $14.95
 With all the pressures of today’s rush-rush life, it’s no wonder we sometimes feel scattered, distracted, or disorganized. This book has been called the most comprehensive resource on the subject of concentration. It offers 33 ways to focus at work, in sports, in school, even when struggling with ADD. Hailed as a “fascinating, thought-provoking and motivating” book by Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.



Tongue fu at school book

Tongue Fu! at School $14.95  Tongue-Fu!® at School (Taylor Trade, 241 pages) $14.95  ADDITIONAL BOOK DETAILS
 “As a teacher for 25 years, I know how important it is to say the right thing at the right time. This book is packed with specific suggestions on how to say what we want to say, when we want to say it instead of thinking of the perfect response on the way home. Highly recommended.” Dr. Debra Peppers, National Teachers Hall of Fame. A must-have tool for educators, administrators, coaches, counselors, parents, and students.

 E-Book's (Download Now)


Tongue Fu! at School $14.95    Ten Steps to Crafting a Compelling Elevator Speech that
                          Opens Doors and Closes Deals for You and Your Business
            This fascinating eBook teaches a step-by-step process for crafting an intriguing "Tell 'n Sell" Elevator Intro that motivates people to say "Tell me more." You'll learn a variety of innovative ways to stop people in their tracks and win buy in for you and your business.

 CD  Series

   Stop Wishing, Start Writing (A Series of 7 one-hour CD’s)
Do you have a best-seller inside you? Are you ready to get it out of your brain, onto the page and out to the world? This series of one hour presentations will tell you exactly what you need to do to FINISH a quality book that makes a positive difference for others and a profitable living for you.  Buy only the segments you need, or save money when you purchase the entire series.
  Achieve Clarity About Your Topic (Tele-Seminar Session) $39.00Achieve Clarity About Your Topic/Genre/Brand/Strategic Purpose  $39.00
  Create a meaningful, Attention-Grabbing Title (Tele-Seminar Session) $39.00Create a meaningful, Attention-Grabbing Title, Subtitle, and Pitch $39.00
  Craft a Compelling Tell & Sell Description (Tele-Seminar Session) $39.00Craft a Compelling Tell & Sell Description and Table of Contents   $39.00
  Develop Original Proprietary Techniques (Tele-Seminar Session) $39.00Develop Original Proprietary Techniques and Intellectual Capital  $39.00
  Organize Your Material (Tele-Seminar Session) $39.00Organize Your Material and Write Page-Turning Prose That Flows $39.00
  Develop a Proposal That Intrigues Agents (Tele-Seminar Session) $39.00Develop a Proposal That Intrigues Agents/Editors/Readers $39.00
  Be An Authorpreneur (Tele-Seminar Session)  $39.00*BONUS* Be An Authorpreneur: Get the Biggest Bang for Your Book
$39.00 or FREE
(This tape/CD is included FREE when ordering the series of 6 tapes/CDs.)
  Package of all 6 Tele-Seminar Sessions $199.00Complete Series – includes all 7 one-hour sessions. $199.00 (a $55 savings off individual prices)

Tongue Fu! at School $14.95 One-Of-A-Kind In-Demand Speaker System (A Series of 6 CDs & Workbook)

   #1 Create a One-of-a-Kind Topic, Title and Approach So You Stand Out                                      #2 Craft a Left-Right Brain Speech that Engages Intellect and Emotions
   #3 Design and Deliver a Confident, Compelling First 3 Minutes That Has Your Audience at Hello
   #4 Keep People on the Edge of Their Seats with Real-Life Stories, Thought-Provoking Quotes, and Laugh-out-Loud Anecdotes
   #5 Incorporate Best-Practice Tips from Masterful Presenters
   #6 Use These Marketing Strategies to Become a Speakerpreneur Who Gets Paid (Well) To Do Work You Love
Your ability to speak confidently, compellingly, and convincingly is one of the best investments you can make in your professional future. Imagine how gratifying it will be to have audience members tell you what a positive impact your message had on them. Imagine how rewarding it will be to OWN the room and feel you’re doing what you were born to do. Imagine how proud you’ll be to deliver insights that positively influence people for years to come. Imagine being handed three, four and five figure checks for doing work you love!    

           All this for  $297.00...  Want to know more about this system? ... Click Here



POP! (A Series of 3 one-hour CDs)    More Info...                     
 Sam shares her step-by-step process for creating innovative brand names, business slogans, and book titles that attract favorable interest from prospective clients, decision-makers, editors and media. Listen to these while commuting, walking, working out, or use them as a home study guide to brainstorm a priority project.  $99.00 Click here to order!

   Tongue Fu!® at School (A Series of 3 one-hour CDs)   More Info...
 Real-life ways to communicate better with teachers, students, principals and parents. Endorsed by such respected academic minds as Gaye Barker, head of NEA’s Anti-Bullying program and Paul Houston, Executive Director of the American Assn. of School Administrators.  $99.00 Click here to order!



Sam Horn's How To Deal with Critics, Control Freaks and Verbal Bullies. CD

Real-Life Tips on What to Say and Do If Someone is Trying to Ruin Your Day (Life!)

 Are you dealing with someone who delights in making your life difficult?

Sam Horn dares to tell the truth. The nicer we are to bullies, the meaner they'll be to us.

Learn how to:

· Stop hurtful teasing, gossiping and backstabbing

· Establish and enforce boundaries so pushy people can’t take advantage of your good nature

· Stop blamers from making everything your fault

· Respond to put-downs and passive-aggressive remarks that leave you feeling “slimed”

· Let your boss know s/he cannot jerk you around

· Help children deal with "mean kids" without becoming one themselves

· "Fire" customers who repeatedly violate your policies

· Develop clarity and courage to hold people accountable for treating you with the respect you want,

 need, and deserve.    Order from one of the following:


Click here to order!  How To Deal with Critics, Control Freaks and Verbal Bullies CD- $20.00 

($15-$20 packaged savings)

Click here to order!  How To Deal with Critics, Control Freaks and Verbal Bullies CD plus Fu For Thought  calendar, Take the Bully by the Horn $39.00

Click here to order!  How To Deal with Critics, Control Freaks and Verbal Bullies CD plus Fu For Thought  calendar and Tongue Fu! book $39.00

Click here to order!  How To Deal with Critics, Control Freaks and Verbal Bullies CD plus Take the Bully by the  Horn and Tongue Fu! book $39.00



Sam’s CD on Ten Tips For Concentrating when You Have Too Much To Do  Is your “to-do” list driving you to distraction?  Would it increase your productivity greatly if you knew how to pay attention, when you want, for as long as you want?

You’ll learn how to:


·         Concentrate in a busy office despite DNI (Distractions, Noise, Interruptions).

·         Multi-task without losing your train of thought or your sense of humor.

·         S-T-R-E-T-C-H your attention span (even if you have ADD or ADHD).

·         Keep your mind from wandering, daydreaming or racing ahead.

·         Improve your ability to remember important information.

·         Overcome “Vigor Mortis” so you can focus when you don’t feel like it.

·         Figure out what to do first when everything is important (Task Triage).

·         L.I.S.T.E.N. and give people your undivided (vs. undevoted) attention.

Click here to order!  “Go With the Flow” so you lose yourself in your work (ConZonetration  $20.00   


Sam Horn on Network Naturally CD will help you gain the courage and confidence to “work the room” if the thought usually makes you want to run from the room!

You’ll welcome these ideas on how to:

·   Relax and put yourself and others at ease

·   Initiate instead of passively waiting for people to introduce themselves

·   Go to meetings/conferences/trade shows by yourself—and feel part OF the group instead of apart FROM the group

·   Create a “tell and sell” response to the question, “What do you do

·   Courteously follow-up  on contacts and turn them into clients

·   Transcend superficial chit-chat: hold genuinely interesting conversations

Order from one of the following:

Click here to order!  Network Naturally CD- $20.00                                                        Click here to order!  Network Naturally CD and What’s Holding You Back book- $29.00 


Do you:

  • have several writing projects going, all of them half-finished?
  • start writing with great intentions, only to lose your enthusiasm along the way?
  • know you should blog more often, get that newsletter out, finish your thesis, complete that proposal, start that book – but never seem to find the time?
  •  try to write but lose your focus because of all the distractions and interruptions?
Sam's I Can't Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing CD will give you her best-practice tips from her own experience as well as those of several other critically acclaimed authors.  Order from one of the following:
Click here to order!  I Can't Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing CD - $20.00   
Click here to order!  I Can't Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing CD and Write Here Write Now calendar  $30.00   
Click here to order!  I Can't Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing CD, Write Here Write Now calendar and Stop Wishing Start Writing 7-CD Series - ($80 savings)  159.00 



Sam Horn’s CD Tongue Fu!® Dealing With Difficult People Without Becoming One yourself. Sam shares specific responses to challenging situations you face on a daily basis. These pioneering ideas on how to get along better with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere can be used on and off the job.

You’ll learn exactly what to say and do to:
   • Persuade other people to stop, listen, and see your point of view
   • Keep from saying something you regret
   • Quickly resolve complaints
   • Motivate people to treat you with the respect you want, need, and deserve
   • Use Fun Fu! to handle hassles with appropriate humor
   • Keep your emotions under control - even when other's aren't
   • Hold people accountable for unacceptable behavior
Order from one of the following:
Click here to order! Tongue Fu!® CD- $20.00 
(Buy together and SAVE)
Click here to order! Tongue Fu!® CD plus Fu For Thought  calendar and Tongue Fu!® book $39.00 Click here to order! Tongue Fu!® CD plus Fu For Thought  calendar and Tongue Fu!® at School book $39.00
Click here to order! Tongue Fu!® CD plus Tongue Fu!® and Tongue Fu!® at School books $39.00

In Sam’s Create a Tell ‘n Sell Elevator Intro that Opens Doors and Closes Deals CD you’ll learn a variety of innovative ways to stop people in their tracks and win buy in for you and your business.
These include:
·   Valley Girl Your Job—what movie, song, person, or book are you like?
·   Alphabetize Technique—the quickest way to coin a catchy “Freakonomics” term
·   Don’t Repeat Clichés—Rearrange Clichés—don’t lose them at hello
·   POP! the question—don’t tell, ask
·   The Beatles Strategy—Help, I need somebody
·   The Dear Abby Approach—There you are!
Order from one of the following:
Click here to order! Create a Tell ‘n Sell Elevator Intro that Opens Doors and Closes Deals CD $20.00

Click here to order! Create a Tell ‘n Sell Elevator Intro that Opens Doors and Closes Deals CD plus Elevator eBook plus POP! Stand Out in any Crowd book  ($23-$30 savings) $39.00


Get your Branding Ph.D. from Sam with this CD.  In this live recording of Sam's 60-minute teleseminar with SpeakerNet News, Sam promises no platitudes.  This is not Branding 101, this is Branding Ph.D.  You'll learn:
*  The Triple A Approach for mining your experience to identify how and where you're original
*  How to corner a niche by creating your own niche
*  The secret to coming up with a trade-markable brand that helps you build a business empire
*  How to create the Next New Thing by creating a Eureka Moment
*  Contra-Brand:  the power of introducing something that flies in the face of current wisdom
*  To "ink it when you think it" so you tap into your "Intellition" (intelligence + intuition) 
*  To capitalize on POP! Culture so you are perceived as current and contemporary
To order from SpeakerNet News,    Click here for CD  $25.00          Click here for MP3  $15.00

                                   DVD Series

 Tongue Fu!®   (90 minute DVD – in 3 thirty-minute sessions)
 Show this at training workshops, employee orientations, and at staff meetings to demonstrate how to handle complaints, stop arguments, and deal with upset customers. This DVD is a favorite of many organizations who use it to spice up meetings and trigger discussions on how staff members can better handle challenging situations.  $79.00 Click here to order!




"Fu For Thought" Daily Calendar $15.00   "Write Here, Write Now" Perpetual Calendar  $20.00
 Lily Tomlin said, tongue firmly planted in cheek, "Remember, we're all in this…alone." You don’t have to work in isolation. These inspiring quotes await you each morning, ready to give you the encouragement and advice you need to reapply yourself with renewed enthusiasm, clarity, and insight. A glorious gift for the creative person in your life and for entrepreneurs, inventors, and journalists.

"Fu For Thought" Daily Calendar $15.00  "Fu For Thought" Perpetual Calendar  $15.00
 A quote a day helps you keep your commitment to be nice in a not-so-nice-world. These gems offer thought-provoking observations from some of our greatest philosophers about how we can stay focused on getting along with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.



Click here to order!  Words to Lose / Words to Use Magnets  3/$10, 5/$25, 25/$50
 Your magnetic list of Tongue Fu!® words to remind you to acknowledge instead of argue, coach instead of criticize, and create rapport rather than resentment. Great for refrigerators, filing cabinets, lockers and more!
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